ESC - Electric Speed Controller (★Clearance★)


Watt-out-put limit: The output is rated at 388 watt. Under this watt, the speed control will work normally. When the watt approximately reaches to 410~420, it will automatically shutdown to prevent the over load to the speed control.

Temperature protection: When the temperature reaches to 95 degree C, the speed control will slowdown and the output will reduce 50% (the on board LED will turn on). You have to move the throttle stick to idle position and then the speed control will re-work once you throttle up again.
Smooth forward operation
Extremely low resistance
32KHz Frequency operation
P.O.R Power on reset
Easy user programmable features.
Audible arming signal
microprocessor controlled
B.E.C: 5.0V / 3.0A
Programmable low volt cut off for Li-Po
Safe start protection
micro size allows for ease of installation
Programmable motor rotation
Item Size 70 x 29 x 17 mm
Item Weight 60 g
Max Continuous Current 90 Amps
Operating Voltage Range 6 to 15V
On Resistance 1.17 mOHM
Max BEC Output 4 Amps @ 5.0V
2S~6S Lithium, 6~19 Cell Ni, with heat sink
DO NOT install a motor which rating is larger than the speed control’s limit to avoid damage or burn down.