Programmable     Brushless Servo
BG-0927WV new!
BG-0622WV new!
BG-0310HV new!
100% Water Proof     (IP67)
Premium Brushless Motor
BG-0927WP new!
BG-0622WP new!
DC Carbon brushed Motor
DG-1220WP new!
DG-0817WP new!
DG-0614WP new!
Winch Servo
BG-0828SW new!
Programmer-User    Guide new!
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Programmable Circuit System 
KAWATOMO HV Brushless Servo series could be considered as your first choice on the market. Programmable Digital Circuit , HV, Brushless Motor, Durable Steel Alloy Metal Gears.
These programmable servos only with the Kawatomo Programmer.
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