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  Portable emergency soldering iron 60w (9-15V) , 20.5g

It can be powered from 9-15 ( or 3S Li-Po Battery is suggested ) direct voltage and powerful 60Watt output . The lightweight 20.5 g compact emergency soldering iron is easy to carry and super convenient for flyers do soldering job in outfield

  • 1. High tech and Eco-Friendly : With Japan white light ceramic heater
                                                              and lead-free soldering iron tip.

  • 2. Features : Handy, easy to use and quick repair in the field

  • 3. Battery : It is workable with 4s Lipo / 3s Lipo

  • 4. Quick Heat up : Heats up fast in under 30sec

  • 5. Connect plug : T PLUG

  • 6. Super light weight : 20.5g


   ・ We suggest use with 3S li-po battery to power it.

   ・ Please note Cut off the power about using 40sec later is suggested,
      the heating would still keep around 10sec. Supply constant power too
      long time  ( more than 40 sec) might reduce the product life.

   ・Keep the Solder iron tip always with tin. If the solder iron tip is not able
     to be with tin on it , please clean the tip with damp napkin or polish it
     lightly with sand paper.

   ・After cut off the power , please do not put away till it is totally cooling 




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